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Family Owned Log & Timber Frame Home Building Services.

Timber Framing & Dry-In Construction

What is Timber Framing and Dry-in Construction?

The dry-in stage of building is the base construction of all of the elements of the home existing above the foundation.

Starting with the floor build and layout, erection of exterior walls, exterior windows and doors installed and trimmed, roof system completed to felt.

This portion is typically regarded as the most crucial, as well as the most labor-intensive stage involved in constructing a timber frame home.

With log homes especially, this is the most important part of the construction process! Since log homes are built as finished products, there is no way to hide or cover up poor craftsmanship.

This is why at Timber Creations, Inc we strive for perfection!


Log Home Construction

What is Log Home Construction?

The craftsmanship and expertise it takes to do a fully handcrafted log home can go far beyond what is suggested when you think about the rudimentary concept of “building”, and it is taken closer into the realms of fine and delicate art.

The construction of a fully handcrafted log home traditionally involves hand-scribing round logs so that they fit perfectly together. Unsurprisingly, this process can add up to an incredibly daunting amount of work.

Many clients eschew the full process and opt for just adding some selective hand-scribed elements to their homes, which can give some of that same lovely rustic and handcrafted look while saving a lot of the time and expense.

There is a lot of room for you to play around with the look and feel that is wanted for your home, while also staying firmly in an allotted time frame and budget. 


Interior Finishing

What is Interior Finishing?

Interior finishing is done after all of the rough-in inspections have been performed for the framing, electrical work, plumbing and HVAC.

At Timber Creations, we offer the homeowner multiple ways of finishing their brand new home that can include staircases, tongue and groove ceilings, decorative beams, interior wall coverings, baseboards, interior door, and window trim.

It is our honor to work with you and your specific taste in deciding how best to finish your home.


Project Management

Do You Need A Project Manager?

Having a Project Manager for the building and completion of your log home may reduce costs up to 10-15% overall.

Timber Creations does not general contract the entire project. But we will gladly help them out when it comes to finding and procuring the best tradesman that will be needed to complete the project.

This help can include aiding in scheduling and overseeing the progress of construction to completion.

This service is perfect for the homeowner that wishes to be hands-on and involved in all of the decisions pertaining to the construction of their home.



Need Help With Consultation?

Every once in a while, someone might decide to build a log home, yet might start feeling a little out of their league once they get the ball rolling.

Or, maybe, a construction crew that is currently working on the project is not as experienced in log-home building as they need to be and just might need a little expert advice.

In these situations, Timber Creations provides extensive on-site consultations for a reasonable price.

We can come to the site of your project and provide personalized guidance and share general tricks of the trade to help ensure that all your hard work results in a proper and satisfying final product.

Who We Are

Family Owned, With Over 20 Years of Timber Frame and Log Home Building Experience

Timber Creations, Inc is a family owned and operated business. We lead the timber frame and log home construction industry with over 20 years of experience.