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Our Story

The Story Behind Timber Creations, Inc.

The Story Of Timber Creations

Timber Creations is a family business, owned and operated by James and Jamie Tucker. 

James began building log homes in the late 1990’s. He developed a talent and passion for quality craftsmanship, unmatched by other builders.  Soon he and his mentor opened their own business building log and timber frame homes.

James continued to build dream homes across the nation and Jamie stayed home focusing on her career in business management/accounting and raising children.      


In 2002, while building a log home in rural Iowa, he met Jamie.  In 2005, they were married and settled down in Westmoreland, TN. Well, sort of…

In 2008, with the housing market crash, a majority of log home manufacturing companies closed or were absorbed.  Thus, log home builders became a “dying breed”.  He stuck with it, attended the Montana School of Log Building and learned the craft of scribing handcrafted log homes.

As the market turned around, so did demand for quality builders.  Unfortunately most had already moved on to other trades and so training and assembling a good crew began again.


In 2013, we decided to form Timber Creations, Inc. 

Jamie left her job and focused completely on the management aspect of the business and James did the MAGIC.

After more than 25 years of building, James still builds every home with the pride and quality craftsmanship he would if he was building his own. 

At Timber Creations, It’s our dream to build yours!